Mankind pharma products Prega news, healthok, gasofast
Mankind pharma products Prega news, healthok, gasofast mobile



Since its inception in 1995, Mankind Pharma has expanded its presence to 34 international markets, supported by a dedicated team of 22,000 employees. It has evolved into the leading pharmaceutical manufacturing and marketing company in India, driven by research and innovation. It ranks No.1* in prescription medicine. Mankind Pharma offers a diverse portfolio of products, including pharmaceuticals, OTC, and FMCG brands. Some notable offerings include Manforce Condoms, Prega News, Unwanted-72 Oral Contraceptive Tablets, Gas-O-Fast, HealthOK Multivitamin Tablets, AcneStar Gel, and more.

Our Products

Its products range from Pharma, OTC and FMCG brands like Prega News, Gas-O-Fast, Health OK Multivitamin Tablets and many others.
Prega News Pregnancy test kit

Prega News – Pregnancy Test Kit

A pregnancy detection card that is 99% accurate, easy to use and reliable. Find out if you are pregnant from the comfort of your own house.

In just a matter of 5 minutes, our highly sensitive testing device will indicate whether the hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) hormone is present or no, enabling you to know your pregnancy status.

Gas-O-Fast Active Jeera Sachet

Gas-O-Fast Active Sachet is a combination of ingredients that are useful in acidity, heartburn and gas formation. It helps in the digestion of starch, carbohydrates, fats and Proteins. It is used as a digestive aid in case of loss of appetite due to chronic illness, stomach fullness and indigestion.

HealthOK Tablets

Bid farewell to exhaustion, tiredness, and a lethargic lifestyle.

Get the energy to live your life to the fullest with HealthOK Multivitamin Tablets, packed with Natural Ginseng and Taurine Power along with Vitamin C & D, Zinc and 19+ essential vitamins and minerals.

Consuming one tablet daily can give you the necessary energy boost needed to perform your best and live a balanced lifestyle.